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Honoring your process, truth, and roots to optimize healing.

Depending on your needs, we will collaboratively decide if you want to:

  • Increase your mood and ability to manage emotions
  • Improve relational skills and connections with self and others
  • Release and heal trauma wounds including from attachment trauma and/or oppressive systems
  • Identify and remove possible unconscious barriers that may be interfering with your healing

Are you ready to commit to yourself?


As a holistic and trauma-informed psychologist and pending your particular struggles and preferences, I integrate various approaches such as somatic and embodied techniques, all from multicultural, feminist, and systems lens. I not only use the traditional talk therapy (which is historically Euro-centric) but also some Eastern approaches:

  • Relational and interpersonal skills in culturally-informed contexts
  • Somatic (e.g., clinical Emotional-Freedom Techniques, which is me teaching you to tap on your own acupressure points while addressing some traumatic memories/triggers)
  • Cognitive behavioral and cognitive reconsolidation
  • Mindfulness-based
  • Guided imagery work
  • Additional energy techniques, such as Internal Family Systems and Advanced Integrative Energy

I value transparency and integrity. I am active and supportively direct. You can expect to be challenged and nudged towards your goals. I am also practically-oriented, and we will collaboratively identify area(s) for you to practice more effective and healthier skills in between our sessions.

It is up to you to be actively engaged during and in between our sessions, to follow through on what we discussed, for you to practice the skills you learned, and to prioritize and commit to yourself. The more you prioritize these practices, the sooner you will see shifts in your life. For example as a start, I highly recommend taking notes (actual hand writing instead of typing) and writing reflections in your journal after every session, and/or setting aside time to sit in quiet to recognize, reflect about, and curiously explore what physical sensations and emotions came up in and after each session. And, spend as much time as you can immersed nature, even if it is just under a tree in your neighborhood.

Session Modality and Frequency

I usually recommend meeting weekly to start. This allows you to start to gain insight and build skills to notice and shift your patterns. For many of my clients, it makes sense to space sessions out to every other week after the initial couple of months. Depending on the complexity of your patterns and struggles, we will collaboratively decide whether that makes sense for your goals and your journey. You will typically walk away with some insight and techniques within the first few sessions.

Please feel free to call me at 408-828-8375 or send a message below to inquire about services.

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