Release and Peace

Green birch  leaves branches, green,  bokeh background. Nature spring background.
Image: Green birch leaves branches, green, bokeh background.
  • Want to decrease anxiety and irritability?
  • Tired of having low motivation or emotional upheavals?
  • Want to increase ability to respond calmly, reconnect with that sense of alignment, to start to experience more confidence, more peace?

Using my 19 years of experience as a licensed psychologist, I will incorporate mind-body-soul approaches with multicultural and feminist frames.  

Instead of simply working to relieve your symptoms, I will facilitated depth work, increasing your understanding, recognition of, and shifting the underlying patterns and the deeper triggers of your struggles.  We may also work on you aligning with your inner wisdom, your values, what brings you satisfaction and fulfillment (that soul alignment), for you to feel nourished and supported. As we work on untangling the depths of your spirals, unpack the triggers and challenges in your life, and as you prioritize and regularly incorporate the practices we discuss, you’ll start to notice and release those old maladaptive patterns, to feel “lighter,” to experience more moments of calmness, to reclaim and transform your life. 

Image: Blue sky with some bright white and grey clouds covering the sun, with mountain range far in the distance

The sun and the blue sky are always there, even if temporarily blocked by clouds.

Please feel free to call me at 408-828-8375 or send me an email to inquire about services.