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  • Feel like you’ve lost a sense of who you are?
  • Struggling with anxiety and irritability?
  • Tired of having low motivation or emotional upheavals?
  • Want to increase ability to respond calmly, reconnect with that sense of alignment, sense of confidence, to make space for more peace?

Using my decades of experience as a therapist, I will incorporate mind-body-emotion approaches with multicultural and feminist frames.  

Instead of simply working to relieve your symptoms (albeit important to do), I will facilitate depth work, increasing your understanding and recognition of the underlying and deeper triggers of your struggles, and understanding of experiences within oppressive frameworks. I will work with you to shift patterns of relational challenges, and increasing your agency and skills so that you reclaim your wholeness.  We may also work on you aligning with your inner wisdom, your values, what brings you satisfaction and fulfillment, for you to feel nourished, centered, and to return home to yourself.

Please feel free to call me at 408-828-8375 or complete the contact form below to inquire about services.