About Ellen J. Lin, PhD

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I strongly believe in honoring each person’s life experiences, familial and cultural context, and that resilient power and wisdom within.

It is such a privilege to be able to provide therapeutic services, and to witness clients taking steps to change and reclaim their lives! I look forward to walking along with you as you take this courageous path for your own wellbeing!


  • 23+ years of counseling/therapy experience with clients from very diverse backgrounds, professions, identity, life experiences
  • 20+ years training, supervising and providing consultations to countless doctoral-level therapists (experienced providing clinical supervision since as an advanced doctoral practicum counselor myself)
  • CA Licensed psychologist (# Psy 19278) since 2003
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (2002)–pursued Counseling Psychology instead of Clinical Psychology degree because of my strong belief in education, social justice, and preventive work and not just focus on pathology; counseling psychology degree still afforded me the training in clinical psychology
  • Was Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Director of Clinical Services for 4 years, and Director/“chief mental health officer” for an additional 4.5 years.
  • Trained and experienced in mind/body/somatic/emotion interventions
  • Trained and experienced in integration of clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/”Tapping” on acupressure points), Level II
  • Trained in Comprehensive Energy Psychology from International Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • Developed and provided “Supervision on Supervision” Seminar series for postdoctoral residents, “Social Justice and Outreach” Seminar series for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees, and “Diversity Discussion Seminar/Group” for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees.
  • Presented at peer-reviewed national and regional conferences

Groups and Workshops Experience

Facilitated over a hundred groups/workshops, with audience number ranging from small groups to over 100.  Some sample topics:

  • Attending to Ourselves (Boundary Setting) as Asian American Womxn
  • Trauma survivors healing circles
  • Tapping away Worries and Fears
  • Resilience workshop series
  • Anger Management workshop series
  • Emotion Regulation groups (DBT-based)
  • Women’s Groups
  • Binge-Eating treatment group
  • Red-flag mental illness warnings workshops
  • Stress management/relaxation workshops
  • Balancing life demands and responsibilities workshops
  • Diversity Process groups, Social Justice Seminars (for doctoral-level clinical trainees)

Additional Information

  • Emerita faculty counselor (“Professor” equivalent), San José State University (17-year history)
  • Stepped down from “chief mental health officer”/director of SJSU Counseling and Psychological Services due to health issues (which prompted me to learn that the Western talk therapy doesn’t always work on its own. I started to study and incorporate more Eastern based, mind-body/somatic approaches and found such resonance for my own healing!). As challenging as burning out was, I’m so grateful for the invaluable skills I’ve learned and the post-traumatic growth and healing that I’ve experienced!
  • Also was a career counselor
  • I use she/her/they pronouns.
  • I am a 1.5-generation Taiwanese-American, with some informal conversational understanding of Mandarin (not able to conduct therapy in Mandarin) and will occasionally catch some Taiwanese phrases. I do encourage Mandarin-speaking clients to express themselves in Mandarin; often native languages could better describe our experiences. I typically understand Mandarin expressions, but not idioms. I am not able to reply back fully in Mandarin.
  • Not religious (grew up with Taiwanese Buddhist practices), but highly spiritual these days. E.g., now trained as Reiki master. With client’s interest and permission, I may incorporate remote reiki as a complement to psychotherapy.

As someone who has had tremendous life shifts over the years and learned to navigate different cultural and systemic contexts, I also recognize the privileges I have, and know that our background shapes our worldview and experiences.  I am honored to have had much experience serving and facilitating healing and transformation for individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds (immigrants and ethnic minorities, LGB identity, gender fluid, sexual abuse survivors, undocumented populations, and various religious/spirituality background).

Professional Associations

  • California Psychological Association
  • Asian American Psychological Association
  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Please feel free to call me at 408-828-8375 or send me a message below to inquire further:

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Learn to stay grounded and centered even when surrounded by life’s turmoil.

Photo credit:  Top–Dr. Ellen J. Lin; rocks–Dr. Lin’s niece, Anwen Lin.