About Dr. Lin

I strongly believe in honoring each person’s life experiences, familial and cultural context, and that resilient power and wisdom within.


  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University (2002; pursued Counseling Psychology instead of Clinical Psychology degree because of my strong belief in education, social justice, and preventive work and not just focus on pathology; counseling psychology degree still afforded me the training in clinical psychology)
  • Licensed psychologist (CA: # Psy 19278) since 2003
  • Trained and experienced in mind-body/somatic-emotion interventions
  • Trained and experienced in integration of clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/”Tapping” on acupressure points), Level II
  • Diplomate certificate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP) from International Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, 2018
  • Provided supervision/mentoring for mental health clinicians since 1999, including being creator and previously led “Supervision on Supervision” Seminar series, “Social Justice and Outreach” Seminar series, and Diversity Discussion series for advance doctoral-level clinical trainees

My Areas of Expertise

Skilled in providing individual adult therapy for a wide variety of challenges:

  • anxiety, fear, or having excessive worries
  • feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • having hard time relaxing, can’t slow down
  • feeling tremendous weariness or burned out
  • relationship challenges
  • adverse childhood experience(s)
  • trauma (whether that is “little t” or big “T”)
  • sexual assault, abuse
  • low self-esteem
  • career or life path indecision
  • intergenerational challenges

Sample Groups and Workshops I’ve Facilitated 

Facilitated over a hundred groups/workshops.  Here are some sample topics:

  • Healing Circle for trauma survivors
  • Tapping away Worries and Fears
  • Resilience workshop series
  • Anger Management workshop series
  • Emotion Regulation groups (DBT-based)
  • Women’s Groups
  • Binge-Eating treatment group
  • Red-flag mental illness warnings workshops
  • Stress management/relaxation workshops
  • Balancing life demands and responsibilities workshops
  • Diversity Process groups, Social Justice Seminars (for doctoral-level trainees)

Therapeutic Approach

I recognize that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to be vulnerable in therapy, and I feel such privilege to be able to receive so many heart-wrenching stories over the years and being able to facilitate and witness healing and transformations.  You can expect to be received with much warmth and compassion as I invite you to disclose what you’re comfortable with, and I will walk with you to facilitate and guide you toward your desired goals.  Using coaching skills, I am collaboratively goal-oriented, and I will suggest homeworks and work with you to take sometimes difficult steps.

Clients often comment on my calming presence, my intuitive sense and the ability to call out patterns and dive into the depth of issues, that they do learn many different skills, and are able to make connections between their experiences and struggles, and see overall improvement–decreased reactivity, more relaxed, more confident, improved self-compassion, able to experience more joy, etc.  These will only happen if you, as the client, are actively engaged and follow through on what we discuss in the sessions, to practice the skills learned, to prioritize and commit to yourself.

Holistic Techniques

I believe in the interconnections of mind-body-emotion-spirit, the psycho/socio/biological connections, and my therapeutic techniques are reflective of these.   I contextualize client experiences within the historical, cultural, and familial background, and differentiate the structural-level impact from the personal and interpersonal, although these are often integrally connected and impacting our mental health. In our sessions, I integrate relational; interpersonal; cognitive-somatic techniques (e.g., Emotional-Freedom Techniques–aka EFT/”tapping”–you tapping on your own acupressure points); mindfulness; imagery and other cognitive-behavioral approaches; all with multicultural, social justice, and feminist frames. 

Additional Information

  • Experienced as mental health administrator, a “chief mental health officer”/director of an university clinic (stepped down due to health issues), as a licensed psychologist over the years, and a career counselor (many years ago), I’ve mentored and guided many adults, leaders, new and mid-career professionals in their personal development and career trajectory.

I use she/her pronouns (“they” works as well), am a 1.5-generation Taiwanese-American, with some minimal informal conversational understanding of Mandarin (not able to conduct therapy in Mandarin) and will occasionally catch some Taiwanese words.

As someone who has had tremendous life shifts over the years and learned to navigate shifting identities on many levels, I also recognize the privileges I have, and I know our background shapes our worldview and experiences.  I am honored to have had much experience serving and facilitating healing and transformation for individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds (immigrants and ethnic minorities, LGB identity, gender fluid, sexual abuse survivors, undocumented populations, and various religious/spirituality background).

Through my own life journey of various challenges (including health issues and burning out in a management role), I have reconnected with my love of being able to directly provide therapy and healing.  I was led to explore and advance my training in mind-body-emotion-spirit connectedness, to dig deep into the root causes of struggles, get into my messy “shadows” and be able to walk out on the other side. It’s not that I or my clients no longer experience challenges, but that we can be much more centered and far less emotionally hi-jacked. I have honed my skills in working at the deeper emotional issues and not just treat the symptoms, and I am excited to share these techniques with you so that you can experience more joys in life!

Life is a journey of discovery and learning! 

I am continually learning, including learning to take advantage of this fascinating life on earth.  These days, I’m quite intrigued, learning, and practicing Usui Reiki (Advanced Level III trained), which originated in Japan.  Although I grew up being exposed to the Buddhist culture (Buddhism in Taiwan is very different than Buddhist practices in the U.S.), I am not religious and used to be a staunch atheist and very left-brain focused.  However, after my burnout experiences, my physical body has awakened to much sensitivities, including sometimes sensing my client’s bodily experiences (both during psychotherapy and reiki sessions). These experiences have led me to explore more spiritual possibilities.  I learned that everything is energy (e.g., noticing my bodily energy as I forest bath, sensing certain trees’ energy when I stand next to them, while I sit under the sun, eat certain foods), and I am learning more about auras, chakras, and acupressure meridians. As I regularly integrate the use of meditations and grounding practices to reconnect with my inner, guiding voice, I am noticing the interconnectedness of living beings and things. I now recognize my empathic sensations, try to spend much time immersed in parks and natural preserves, and I so look forward to the next steps in our shared journey.

Please feel free to call me at 408-828-8375 or send me an email to inquire further.

Learn to stay grounded and centered even when surrounded by life’s turmoils.


Photo credit:  Top–Dr. Ellen J. Lin; rocks–Dr. Lin’s niece, Anwen Lin.