Therapy and Life Coaching

Therapy and Life Coaching to Heal and Transform

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to seek help and enter into therapy. I feel such privilege to be able to receive so many heart-wrenching stories over the years and being able to facilitate and witness healing and transformations.  In starting this next journey of your life, we will:

  • Explore your family and cultural background, your journey thus far;
  • Identify some experiences you’ve had such as childhood familial dynamics, trauma and/or disempowering experiences that provide context to your struggles (you share what you’re comfortable disclosing);
  • Collaboratively decide on your goals for therapy;
  • As you heal, we will then decide a transformative path toward optimizing your joys and your life purpose.

You can expect to be received with much warmth and compassion as I invite you to disclose what you’re comfortable with.

I usually recommend meeting weekly at first so that we build a trusting and collaborative relationship. We will start to reassess whether we continue this about 4-8 weeks into this therapeutic process, depending on the severity of your struggles and how much you prioritize and dedicate time to working on what we have discussed. We will continually reassess whether it makes sense to continue meeting weekly or space out sessions to every other week. You will often walk away with some tools within the first few sessions.

Instead of simply working to relieve your symptoms, you can also expect to understand the underlying patterns and get at the root of your struggles, if you’re comfortable diving into some challenging struggles fairly soon into our sessions.  We will explore and work to unpack those heavy “baggage” that you may inadvertently be carrying, and I will supportively challenge you to learn to better manage your emotions and learn to heal those deep hurts (when you’re ready to identify those).  This does not mean that we are focused on your history or your past. Instead, we will explore your recent struggles, identify triggers and patterns that may be related to past experiences, and reformulate and practice ways to transform those triggers. When you’re ready and through much practice of the techniques you’ll learn in our sessions, you’ll start to feel “lighter,” to genuinely smile more, feel more centered, and learn to enjoy your journey through life’s various mountains and valleys. 

I will primarily incorporate interpersonal/relational and evidence-supported mind-body approaches that combine cognitive reconstruction with deep emotional release (e.g., guided imagery work, emotional-freedom and emotion-focused techniques), all with multicultural and feminist frames.  I may also incorporate some mindfulness as well as communication and conflict-resolution skills, possibly incorporate some inter-generational healing imagery exercises and even reiki (if you’re open to these). Using coaching skills, I am collaboratively goal-oriented, and I will suggest homeworks and work with you to take sometimes difficult steps.

Free Consult

Because of my limited availability, I would like to talk with you for a free initial, 20-minute consultation (telephone or video) to further determine if we are an appropriate fit for each other.

I am considered an “out-of-network provider” for all insurance plans. If you have a PPO insurance plan, you may be able to request reimbursement from your insurance for some session fees. Please do double-check with your own insurance for specific coverage if you are considering applying for reimbursement from your insurance for therapy. (It may be helpful to let your insurance company know that the “procedure code” for 50-minute therapy sessions is “90834”, so that they can inform you of how much they’ll reimburse you.) Also, please make sure that your insurance will reimburse you for telehealth sessions, as this is all I am providing at this time. I am happy to provide a monthly receipt/superbill for you to submit for reimbursement. Please also keep in mind that if you are considering submitting receipt/superbill to your insurance for reimbursement, then be prepared for us to discuss formal mental disorder diagnosis which is required by insurance companies. This/these diagnosis(es) will become part of your insurance record.


$230.00 for each 50-minute individual session (only available for adults physically in CA, and I’m only providing synchronous telehealth services at this time).

Payment methods accepted:  Health savings account or credit card (using secured and confidential Ivy Pay); or, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo (not confidential).

Please call me at 408-828-8375 or send me an email to inquire further.  I welcome any additional questions you may have.  

Consumer Complaints

For any complaints about the practice of Psychology, please visit this website.

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Remember that the blue sky is always there, even if temporarily hidden behind the dark clouds.   You have the blue sky within as well.