Community Guidelines

for Bay Area APIDA Womxn Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice

Intentions of this Consultation Community

To build support, collaboration, and provide a community for SF bay area Asian Pacific Islander Desi American womxn-identified mental health professionals in private practice.  This is first and foremost a “community”; having culturally-responsive consultations, referrals, and the email list are secondary though also important. 

Guidelines for the Community

  • Uphold standards of our professional code of ethics, including confidentiality.
  • Decenter whiteness, and acknowledge the cultural, historical systems, the isms underlying experiences of members of this group and of clients.
  • Listen with compassion and curiosity, with intention to learn from each other.
  • Honor each other’s unique experiences and don’t presume to advise unless requested.
  • When consulting, consider sharing only client demographics to the extent needed and appropriate for the specific consultation issue.
  • Consider the use of “inviting/calling in” versus “calling out” (each may be appropriate given certain circumstances) with each other.
  • Be mindful to contribute toward the community to help build community.
  • Keep track of your own attendance if you will be reporting consultation meeting(s) for CE purposes.

Additional Guidelines for Google Group email list

  • Use for collaboration and suggesting ideas, activities, agenda items for consultation meetings, or referral requests.
  • May use to request consultations outside of meetings.
  • Feel free to introduce your own practice and any changes to your practice (not to bombard the list with marketing).
  • New members will be added to the list, only after attending two community meetings/gatherings.
  • Once a group member, commit to attending at least one meeting per year.
  • Use the Google Sheet to regularly update your practice information.

Draft date: 2/7/2023